1. 1.How do I pick THE Siberian Kitten? You are choosing a future member of your family, so make sure to pick a kitten, which you would want to see around your house for years. Make sure the kitten is healthy and good natured, because it may rule your household for many years :)

  2. 2.How do I reserve a kitten?  Call us at 845-875-4122 or e-mail us

  3. 3.How much does it cost? Reservation is a non-refundable $200 fee, which is credited to you kitten price at the time of purchase. Price of a kitten without breeding rights is $1,250, which includes free delivery within 100 miles from Little Ferry, NJ. Price of a kitten with breeding rights is $1,500. If you plan to breed  the kitten, please do not deprive it, nor its descents from their rightful origin.

Christmas Special! Reserve before Christmas and get free delivery within 150 miles from Little Ferry, NJ or $50 of the price of your kitten!